These event is brought to you by Adobe User Group Philippines, in coordination with Phlashers and Graphikarista

Tom Krcha

Presentation: Behind the scenes of MAX Racer and building realtime multiplayer experiences
Country: Czech Republic
Company : Adobe Systems

Tom is part of Adobe Gaming Evangelism, and has been working with Flash for over a decade. He focuses on gaming, mobile, realtime, peer-to-peer, media, streaming and collaboration. Over the years, Tom has participated in many Flash media streaming projects including CDNs, videochats, realtime multi-user applications, IPTV and award-winning websites. Check out his blog: http://flashrealtime.com or Twitter: http://twitter.com/tomkrcha

  • Multimedia Research and Development at PRO-ZETA Praha s.r.o.
  • Developer at Fotogalerie.cz
  • Vice-president at Together Czech Republic
  • Unicorn College
  • University of Economics, Prague
  • Gymnasium Uherske Hradiste

Peter Andreas Moelgaard

Presentation: Designer & Developer Creative Workflow
Country: Denmark
Company : Adobe Systems

Peter has a 14 year track record of developing various kinds of software.

Now specialized in architecting and developing Rich Internet Applications based on the Adobe Flex and the Microsoft Silverlight platforms, Peter has been been engaged in RIA development since the ground floor where the technology was still in its inception and from before AJAX got its name. Peter became a Macromedia Flex Influencer during version 1.0 and 1.5 and is currently working with all the cool stuff in Adobe Flex 4.0 and Microsoft Silverlight 3.
Peter has dedicated most of 2009 to grasping Adobe Flash Catalyst and understanding how it’s going to fit into the ecosystem of the modern interactive agency. He is currently authoring the book “Flash Catalyst Unleashed” which will be published on Addison-Wesley in the early 2010 alongside the first version of Flash Catalyst.

Peter has experience with outsourcing and offshoring and he is very focused on the specific requirements to communication and process that comes with having a globally distributed development team.

Peter is an Adobe Certified Professional specialized in Adobe Flex.

Adobe Certified Flex Developer Logo

Peter has been designated Adobe Community Professional (previously known as Adobe Community Expert) since August 2008 – specialized in Rich Internet Applications based on Adobe Flex and the Adobe Flash Platform.

Adobe Community Professional Logo

Peter is a member of the Adobe Industry Leader & Innovator group where he gives his best shot at trying to shape the future of the media industry… focusing on new media and the web…

Adobe Industry Leader and Innovator Logo

John Imbong

Presentation: Introduction to the Flash Platform
Company: Adobe User Groups

A graduate of AB Communications from Ateneo de Manila University in 2004, he is a distinguished
Consultant for the Asian Development Bank for IT Development projects revolving government
agencies implementing Business Processing Systems. John is a long-time promoter of web and game
development projects implemented using the Flash Platform for mobile and standalone systems. He
holds seminars in behalf of Phlashers promoting the use and learning of Adobe Flash Productivity
Software and handles classes in the Fine Arts Department as a Part-time Lecturer. John is the current
Manager for the Adobe User Group, Phlashers: : Philippine Flash Actionscripters.

Carlos Nazareno

Carlos is an interactive media specialist focused on the Flash Platform, web, mobile and game
development. Among his interests are a-life, computational aesthetics, electronic music production and
turning ones and zeroes into generative art.

An advocate of information and communication technologies for development (ICT4D), he works on
bridging the digital divide.

Presentation: Evolution of Flash Gaming
Country: Philippines

Melch Valmiento

Presentation: Evolution of Flash Gaming
Country: Philippines

A graduate of the University of Santo Tomas in Fine Arts ’00, Melch is a seasoned Game Developer using
the Flash Platform. An award winning mobile game developer, Melch’s portfolio includes the design and
development of games and Facebook applications implemented under different brands and advertising
agencies. Melch is also the first person in the Philippines to launch commercial Flash mobile games
internationally. Currently, he works alongside his wife on projects revolving around comics, animation
and games. Melch is also the co-manager for the Adobe User Group, Phlashers.

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